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Property Condition Assessment

Our Team has an extensive knowledge of materials and installation process of all the Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems, conventional steel, and major Standing Seam Roof Systems and Metal Roof Panels. Also, Single-Ply Roof Membranes (e.g., TPO, PVC, EPDM), SBS and Waterproofing Bituminous Membranes, SPF Roof System, among others.


Our services

Asset Inspection:

  • Roof System & Wall Cladding

  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

  • Metal Building & Concrete Structures Systems

Asset Condition Assessment

Asset Integrity and Reliability Management

Due Diligence for Asset Acquisition by LCCA or Economic Life (Engineering Economic) Methodology

Engineering & Specification Design for Maintenance Efficiency Assessment 

Claims and Dispute Resolution 

Bidding Process for Asset Corrective Maintenance or Roof Replacement

The consultants  on asset integrity solutions!

We have the expertise to make the best strategy and the know-how for the correct asset maintenance that will save time, money and increase the lifespan of your building.

We add value and cost savings to your Assets. 


Last year performances:

Servicio: RM: Infographics

On this phase we ensure the cost, scope of work, and the schedule for the project. Also, helps analyze, prioritize, and ensure an appropriate plan for all kinds of risks.

During our inspections, defects in the MEP and roof system were identified and documented, helping our clients understand the condition of the property. Last year, more than 5,000 deficiencies were detected, which reduced the asset's useful life.



Assets & Properties Inspected

Our method for assessing the total cost of facility ownership has helped our clients reduce unnecessary costs on maintenance projects and save money without reducing the quality of the assets' solution.



Economic Efficiency on Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

We tracked the proper execution of various maintenance projects, which involved tracking metrics, progress, and associated tasks to ensure everything was completed on time, on budget, and in accordance with the project's requirements and standards that we set.



Monitored & Supervised for Maintenance

Last year worst defiencies detected in our PCA services:

In most cases, these problems were due to a lack of quality supervision and management on their repective construction projects.

Remember that even the most carefully designed Roof Systems can be compromised by destructive installation practices. Failing to understand or ignoring your valuable assets is a giant misstep.

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