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GT Consulting® was born out of passion, grown with dedication, and strengthened by experience.

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George Thomas Hadsall, “Tom”, worked for more than 40 years in different areas of engineering and architecture for multinational clients across the globe in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He spent over 25 years in charge of the QAQC for multiple structural systems around the world from Butler® Manufacturing Company, and then from 2000 onward he served as leading consultant for more than a decade in prestigious construction companies and developers. He was considered by many as the first consultant in Steel Structures and Metal Roof Systems in Mexico and Latin America. 


In 2015, Tom co-founded GT Consulting® with Sergio Arreola and Jesús Martínez, both of whom he had been working with in recent years. 

Tom passed away in 2021 from health complications, but his legacy lives on with Sergio & Jesús, to whom he passed down his vast knowledge and expertise during their time working together, and is a big part of GT Consulting®. 


Today, Sergio & Jesús continue to lead and grow GT Consulting®, developing and implementing GT’s proprietary methodology.


We have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise in various areas. These dedicated leaders are well-equipped to address complex business challenges, utilizing the latest technology and data resources. Our approach is characterized by strategic creativity and collaboration, ensuring effective solutions. Learn more about our talented professionals below



Pre-Engineered Metal Building Consultant

B.Sc. in Civil EngineeringMonterrey, N.L., México

M.Sc. in Structural EngineeringBarcelona, Spain

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Mr. Arreola, considered a natural-born leader by his peers, brings exceptional leadership qualities to GT Consulting®.


As a creative problem-solver with meticulous attention to detail, he has served multiple clients for many years. Constantly expanding his knowledge in engineering, he strives for excellence from the outset. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from ITESM, Tec de Monterrey, and a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering & Construction from one of the most prestigious universities in Spain with a double degree from the University of Barcelona. In his role as a GT Lead Consultant, overseeing the TQM and PCA Department, Mr. Arreola ensures the success of multiple projects through Project Monitoring, Due Diligence, and Risk Anticipation.


He has shared his expertise through lectures on Structures and Roof Systems, Asset Integrity Management, Project Monitoring, and QA/QC.

He loves to share his expertise and knowledge through teaching, which is one of the greatest things he learned from his father, Jesús Arreola Risa, Ph. D.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mr. Arreola finds joy in nature, outdoor activities, community service, and practices Aikido and Boxing when not adorned in his vest and hard helmet.



Project Management Consultant

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering Monterrey, N.L., México

M.Sc. in Construction Project Management │ Barcelona, Spain

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Projects can be tough and challenging. Therefore, Mr.Martínez is the right person to achieve peace of mind regarding effective project management. His honest, positive and professional attitude contributes to our clients’ satisfaction, providing capability, adaptability, and scalability on every project. Mr. Martínez earned his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, UANL, aiming to leverage PMO expertise, project competency and leadership abilities. He also acquired a Master’s degree in Construction Project Management from one of the most prestigious universities in Spain with a double degree from the University of Barcelona.

Today he serves as a GT Lead Consultant, overseeing operations and the OR Department. His dedication to GT-Consulting® has meant relevant and sustained  growth for the company.


From strategic planning to innovative solutions, Mr. Martinez concentrates on building efficiency and results-driven actions that ensure the objectives of multiple projects are met through Project Management and Lean Construction. When not in operation, Mr. Martínez enjoys playing the guitar and composing music. He also proudly teaches classes in his spare time.

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